Goodnight Lausanne

Now the time has come
the train it pulls away
Goodnight farewell Lausanne
for time just slipped away

The mountains and the lake
The journey up the hill
The opulence and beauty
The gentle autumn chill

But most of all my love
you resonate my way
I wanted time to pause
For I knew I could not stay

And so goodnight Lausanne
the time has come to say
Goodnight farewell Lausanne
though I'll return some day

by Phillip Ragan

Comments (5)

I like the poem but you need to be optimistic. Sometimes the life becomes so hard but with patience we can get over our sadness
it's a really nice, expressive poem u wrote. i hope it didnt reflect ur mood then or at least i hope ur mood is changed a long ago. keep on writing...
dear noha i liked your poem so much the way you wrote it is so nice and simple but it is optimistic so try to look to life with hope and joy eyes i hope for you succsses and happness will done
Meaning is created by dialogue between people and the interaction of so many voices within and around us. Noha, you have created meaning by speaking out and reaching others. Accept that and accept that others are different and new meaning will be created in you. You will again see the flower only now it will be in full bloom dear
Noha has a universal appeal. The tragic side of words makes the lines alpable wounds, ones which are gaping, will bleed and probably will never heal or if there is dust of times to come, will heal a bit but will continue to make the hearts ache and souls bound within the parameters of defines 'norms'. The barren sands and scorching heat coupled with centuries of tyranny has left a huge void of self identity in the souls and hearts of men and women. This is one attempt to drag the truth into daylight. But the world is busy. Noah has to wait.