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A Stranger I Once Knew

In your arms.
So much safety
So much harm.
A paradox of it self.
For this warmth could cave in on me.
All the pleasure you bring
Could fall like rain
Inflict so much pain
If you only walked away
Given so much chance
This is a risky romance
You’re worth any hurt you could bring
At least to me,
This could all be in vain
Foolishy attempts to keep you here.
While the YOU that I fell for has already left.
You being the broken image of yourself
A shadow of what you used to be
I’ll hold on to you because you remind me
Of I guy I knew.
In your arms,
Nothing’s new.
I’ve been here before.
The feelings you had may have walked our the door
But it was here.
So much safety in the arms of a stranger.
A stranger I once knew.
Oh it’s so sad,
I miss you

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