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A Stranger In A Crowd
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A Stranger In A Crowd

Poem By jeanne harmon

I stand in a crowd as the people pass me by
I smile at some and ignore the others
And all though people are told to love one another
The world is always at war
It seems like agreeing with one another is a chore
As I stand in this crowd I watch the people go by
I smile at a passerby and he walks on
He’s gone and where will he go?
What will he see?
Who will he become and be?
A child walks by giggling and laughing
Children are taught to love and care
But when they grow up some of these teachings go away
These childhood perks aren’t here to stay
Where is this love that they are taught?
I’ve looked forever and where is this love I have sought?
I stand in a crowd as the people pass me by
And then I sigh.

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seeing each other depends, which kind of glasses you wear and which the others wear, what colour it is and howdeep you can see, i'm tired of my glasses, so i gave the idea, to ask for seeing in the other ways.