186. My Beloved

Sometimes my thought get throttled quietly
With the touchiness of my beloved to me.
I try to find out the reason of her amour-propre
But it seems to me difficult to make out her easily.
Perhaps she loves me badly
And expect hundred times return from me.

Round the clock she wants only my company
And loves to share her thought only with me
Even if it expresses no meaning.
Unless I listen to her, like a child she starts crying.
Even in an unromantic place she likes to hear
A story full of romance, suspense and adventure.

She tells me time and again with much pleasure
To bring the whole cosmetic world for her.
She prides in me by saying few false heroic words
About me to her friend and the neighbours.
She likes such things which seem so peculiar
To me or to those who are not familiar.

When I want to spend the romantic hours
With her at home at leisure,
I get confused to hear her -
'Can't you love me as much as I love you, dear? '
Then I say, 'You are so touchy like a baby.
I love you as much as I should love thee.'

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India. Copyrights@April28,2015(10: 20pm) .

by Dipankar Sadhukhan

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So nicely crafted.. you deserve 10