Trail Of Fire

hitched a trip down the trail i once crossed
driver asked me where im going, anywhere the winds soft
and i dont mind that the times are hard
safe full of heaven's leaves and simple cigars
give me a chance im just here to dance
watch my feet as my eyes seek demise in a trance
like the inhales his tales arent distant
babygirl cherish youth your so innocent
dont let in thoughts to anybody givin it
wishing for the good life, past the bad times, your living it
keep the papers they wont be near later
little boy cheers as the trees shed tears
my mind is in the place that all the dead fear
they dont come around unless comfort is found
go away from my pillowplace
im just a runner in this pillowchase
dreams explained by the pillowcase
be anything and everything you were ment to be
nobody will ever mean what you ment to me
i live with this heart but its dead to me
runaway with my love as i watch the beats that fled from me
i live for the unexpected feats
summarized in collective speech
i walk with dos eclectic feet
what a pair with none to share
none will care, so i might as well admire
setting matches on the road blaze my trail of fire

by Byron Cornell Ford II

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