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A Stranger To Most, An Open Book For Some
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A Stranger To Most, An Open Book For Some

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

[He prides himself in honesty
Doing everything he tries perfectly
All except for modesty]

Dreams and ideas fly easily in the globe of his mind
As he is quickly entranced in some knowledge only he could find
He is the only person I know cursed with understanding
Also the only one I know who is rarely ever demanding
The only person who follows gods laws without realizing it
The only person who knows when to admit
His preaching’s of war are countered by his wish to exterminate the vile
His bouts of sarcasm are run over by his urge to smile
His blatant quick judgment is overshadowed by his quick thinking
His thoughts are never ending and never sinking

It sometimes seems like he knows it all
Like no whisper could ever escape his ever heightened senses
Like no one could truly walk the halls of his mind
Like his thinking has no barriers or fences

Sometimes he forgets I can’t keep up
As his mind swiftly races from green to the age of exploration
From the economy of East Timor to Lebanon’s situation
Always steeling a glance in my direction as I look on in admiration

As he mouths the words to “From Yesterday”
His features rearrange in perfect concentration
And I didn’t understand it until today
That the words are his perfect re-creation

As he goes on of how the school is a perfect place for a sniper
His eyes shine as if he can assure the future with a simple guarantee
Seeing everything he describes like a movie in my mind
So he won’t stop talking I make sure and disagree

He is confused more than half of the time
But not in the disastrous way you think
For in his mind ideas become sublime
And all unimportant matters shrink

He hates so many things that are
And loves so many things that could never be
His many ideas seem impossible
Though we rarely truly disagree

Sadly a poem must end, or else this could get long
Though I will tell you that since I met him, my life has completely twirled
Just as the words from that song
“On his face is a map of the world”

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