A Strangers Plea

o tremulous voice, thy sound I hear,
Thy plaintiff wail, with quivering tone
On Barren ground it ne'er will fall
What mortal soul will heed thy call!
Or turn thee down when broods not well
For who knowest when my own time must dwell?
For want of a strangers kind answer to my own plea!
So I heed thee well, and offer thee
My time my thoughts, my deeds.
That when I myself cry out for help
Some one, may come and notice me!
And stepping forth as I myself would do
Offer solace, and compassion, as I would rend to thee.
Thy wail they cry, mine ear it does percieve
To ignore this plea to render thee
I know would be a sin
So I bid thee stranger enter in
into my kind and warm embrace
So I may help one lost lonely soul
Find solace and a haven from human hate
So we can give hope and tranquility of soul
For all the human race!

by James Barnes

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