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A Streetwalker Named Desire (Part 3)
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A Streetwalker Named Desire (Part 3)

Poem By Dee Daffodil

True to his word
He returned a bit later
When he took her arm
She could sense his good nature

They walked and they talked
He asked her her name
She told him 'Desire',
From 'Desiree' came

She knew better
Than to solicit outright
Preferring to let him
Decide what was right

As they walked, they came
To an all night cafe
He took her inside
And ordered lattes

He listened intently
As she chatted away
He could tell she was nervous
By what she didn't say

She didn't state the obvious
He was a cop-she was a date
She asked not his intentions
Nor what was her fate

She explained in brief
About her life
The hard knocks she'd taken
The anguish, the strife

She couldn't help wondering
What was his game?
But there was attraction there,
Just the same

When he walked her home
She appeared quite shy
There was an innocence there
That he couldn't buy

He gave her a peck
On the top of her head
Gave her one hundred dollars
And tucked her in bed

As he left her apartment
He blew her a kiss
And muttered some words
That she couldn't miss

'There's a lifetime of love
And a future so sweet
Please end this all now...
Don't go back to the street'

Part 4 to follow...

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Comments (19)

All's well.......that ends well! A delightful tale you spin........
Yaay! This was not only a great twist, putting faith back in humanity, but a powerful one. 'There was an innocence there, that he couldn't buy' Nice work Dee.
Dee, not often that you come across a quartet of poems that make you want to read one after the other. This does though. You begin and you are compelled to read through to the finish. You expect to find this quality in novels, in poetry it is rare. This is a truly beautiful saga. David
This series is not just compassionately and perceptively written, it's also got that quality that captures and holds the reader's attention. Great mastery of dramatic technique Dee. xx jim
Oh, this is so sweet, I love it, a change in her life to take place possibly. Can't wait to read part 4.---Wonderful poem---Melvina
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