A Strictly Not A Poem Birthday Greeting For Tara

It is late afternoon
this first day of winter -
electric cold and amber warm.
Long shadows dapple

by Alison Cassidy Click to read full poem

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Well thought out, with warmth, love, friendship. Birthdays are the most important day for anyone...only on this particular day, appeared for the first time in the whole universe, a person called Tara(inser your own name, now) , never has been, or will be, another Tara. No other day, or holiday, is as important for a person! Good, good, good! xxElysabeth
Way to go, Alison! ! I raise my coffee mug in toast to Tara, Alison and all the rest in our poetic community.
Wonderful. You've absolutely hit the spot there. Ez X
Sweet, sincere and fond. Lucky Tara.
tenderly felt and written for our surrogate daughter Tara. However, I'm going to add this butch Aussie salutation - 'avagoodone' Love you Tara Kate, Jez
[ps.>>> it's 90 degrees here! ! ! ! Will get some sun for you today] marci. :)
Dear Alison, what a lovely tribute, what a beautiful poem from one great gal to another great gal, both of them inspiring writers to me... Happppy happyyyy birthday sweet Tara.......Hope it's ever so lovely and a reminder of a 'GREAT' year ahead. ~~~marci.xo
An eloquent gift of words for a cherished friend. Warm greetings to you.Tara! May your gifted pen continue to be blessed. Love, Sandra
Allie...That was a lovely tribute! ! ! I couldn't have said it better myself! ! Written by one of my favorite poets, for another one of my favorite poets! ! Happy Birthday Tara! ! ! Hugs, dee
I admire the way your friendship with Tara has bonded, same feather flocked together! Both of you (Alie and Tara) are skillful poets. Regards to you both.
Aw sweetheart... I am hugely, hugely touched... and happy... and turning that corner indeed... and admiring your poetic skills.... and above all valuing your friendship beyond measure. See you this year I hope! Love you. Thank you sweetheart. t xxxxxxx
What a beautiful compassionate write Allie, one which befits the recipient perfectly! All the very best to you and of course to dear Tara! HG: -) xx