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A String Of Simile
('90 / America)

A String Of Simile

Words bind me, wrapping around me like vines
And like vines they grow, and constrict, like a boa
And like a boa they hiss in my ear, the most wonderful things.

Words chain me, tethering my wrists and ankles like iron
And like iron they do not rot or wither, like Eternity,
And like Eternity, I do not know when they will end.

Words shackle me, holding me down like paralysis,
And like paralysis, they have no immediate cure - like Love,
And like Love, within them I am free and beautiful and alive.

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Comments (5)

words cascading up and along...beautifully...
yes, echo echo, very good. creative Idea and you made it soar. -landrey
your rhythms are particularly good in this one!
A String of Simile-an apt title for a wonderful poem. The words flow like a simphony and sound musical to my ears
Absolutely stunning, Sophia! ~Ray