My Distant One (Sonnet)

I dream of a house somewhere at the sea
where I and my distant one
see bougainvilleas growing up a wall
with braiding wisteria that do spread like fingers
and we both do know how great it is
to be in love and inseparable
while the Cape winter rain do wash everything clean
and you do lay close to me with a fireplace
blazing with burning pieces of wood
when the whole house is hot around us
but now my life, my days fall apart
and you are not here with me, my distant one,
I wonder what to do
to touch your soul again?

by Gert Strydom

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ok, good! you corrected stripetease to striptease! :)
well, sir, you STILL have not corrected the spelling of Stripetease to Striptease, as i pointed out in my comment over two years ago. but anything close will do i guess! i plan to put this into September 2017's showcase, Part B, and i'll add a note after it about your spelling. i Know YOU know the meaning of striptease, as you describe one in your response to Valsa's comment. you said to Valsa: You know and the readers know that Stripe Tease is dance in which the dancer removes the pieces of her dress one by one and throws it on the watchers. i wonder if Valsa has done one for her husband yet! how about YOUR wife, Akhtar, you fox! or maybe your wife is the 'fox' and you are the 'wolf'? ? ? the link for the Part B showcase is: i don't claim to understand each part of the poem, but it is lively and playful, and i LIKE IT. i am 'borrowing' it from here and MyPoemList. Thanks. the link to this page, your poem, is: bri ;) p.s. some favorite lines: Learn the art of lightning from the sun and stars, Touch hidden strings within you are guitars, and The roof of trees and the roots of plants, Everyone is waiting for your showering grants, Have sex with apex of the high mountains, That is direly needed by the dry fountains, so, maybe the daughter of ocean is the water vapor in the atmosphere? ? ? that idea just 'came to me'.
So creative with your great imagination you take the reader on an amazing journey of sheer freedom of nature's dance! Original and great write!
I HAD TO read this one as soon as i saw the title on the list of poems! ! ! my student, Akhtar, may be a fine poet (he is!) and his English has improved, i believe considerably, but NOW [as a red-blooded american male who has actually seen a stripe [sic] tease dancer working] i must correct the spelling to STRIPTEASE...... one word and only one e. ha ha. here is something from online to help you remember. after all it is a VERY IMPORTANT WORD, which most americans use every day! :) Top Definition striptease The art of seductively removing ones clothing to provide pleasure/entertainment for other(s) . I did a striptease for my sisters fiance the night of his bachelor party. - - - - - ok, NOW i'll read the poem! COOL POEM! ! ! will have to join those in MyPoemList! ! a great imagination and fine word-pictures painted here. favorite lines: Spread your wings, for the naughty sky, Why don’t you fly, I know you can fly? High with the winds in the endless sky, and The roof of trees and the roots of plants, Everyone is waiting for your showering grants, Have sex with apex of the high mountains, That is direly needed by the dry fountains, ………………sex/apex! and more! : Now is the time, now you must fly, Have a peg of wine, will you please, The earth is ready for a stripe tease. ……..peg? YES, i had to research to find the desired definition of peg used in the poem; this was new-to-me. i had thought keg? ? [see noun defintion #2] peg peɡ/ noun noun: peg; plural noun: pegs 1. a short cylindrical piece of wood, metal, or plastic, typically tapered at one end, that is used for holding things together, hanging things on, or marking a position. synonyms: pin, nail, dowel, skewer, spike, rivet, brad, screw, bolt, hook, spigot; More piton; tee the joints are secured by pegs a pin or bolt driven into the ground to hold one of the ropes or corners of a tent in position. noun: tent peg; plural noun: tent pegs a short pin or cylindrical object in the neck of a stringed musical instrument around which the strings are wound, and which are turned to adjust their tension and so tune the instrument. a bung for stoppering a cask. informal a person's leg. a point or limit on a scale, especially of exchange rates. 2. Indian a measure of liquor. have a peg of whiskey 3. informal a strong throw, especially in baseball. verb verb: peg; 3rd person present: pegs; past tense: pegged; past participle: pegged; gerund or present participle: pegging 1. fix or make fast with a peg or pegs. drape individual plants with nets, pegging down the edges synonyms: fix, pin, attach, fasten, secure, make fast the tarp is pegged to the ground 2. fix (a price, rate, or amount) at a particular level. synonyms: hold down, keep down, fix, set, hold, freeze we decided to peg our prices really nice, Akhtar, and i see Valsa is a fan as well. bri :) [but i'll have to inform her of 'striptease’. she may know it, but is too 'polite' to point out the error! ]
Very very imaginative write.... the parched Earth is thirsting for the kiss of rain! Let the vapour from the ocean rise up sky high and, cool down and pour out in dancing movements, stripe teasing! Am I right in my interprtation?