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A Stroll In Paradise
RA (30th October 1976 / Taiping)

A Stroll In Paradise

Poem By Rozmanshah Abdullah

Night after night at the park
Different sorts of personality
With one common goal
Either sex or money
Intertwining elements that gets people going
Day after day

Words do give impact to any situation
They cajoles, attracts and binds others
Into doing unbelievable things

I'm lost in myself
My stoicness failed me
No flying colour results
Hold me
Hold me to my deeper bone
Let me hear it cracks open
Away out of my chest
Let the birds of prey
Fly away from this ribcage
The pain would lasts me longer

Never die when you allowed yourself to live
Stacking of emotions
The welling of tears
Blurred visions
Strong sensation slowly protruding the nose
What is your worth to yourself?
Where can i find the worth weighing machine
Calm is a fiction
This mind works in different directions
And wouldnt want to act straight

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