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For Ry-
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

For Ry-

You ask me what sustains my eyes while my heart becomes a senseless whirl
I cannot help but smile at the slightest thought of him,
He is the living autumn-multi colored facets of beauty like the fallen leaves and those that linger on branches
His eyes are envied by the lune rouge, envied by the setting sun, for their color always remain the hue of bright amber
His smile cannot compare to the sight of the morning sky, cannot compare to the starry night;
His smile rises above these breath taking sights-for behind it, is strength from sorrows past.
He is the frightening immense seas-unknown, unstrained, yet peaceful and glimmering in darkened nights
Yet, these are only small details, for his most untouchable and magnetic feature is his soul-
The kind of soul that makes bypassers look back twice, makes people wonder about his story, makes me yearn to feel some part of it.
Two separate roads, twisted and garnished with experiences many cannot sustain on going, only crossing by external forces-yet I needed to touch your soul.
After a long passage of loss, of heartaches, of darkness-we just were accidents waiting to happen.

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