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A Struggle 'Twixt Love And Fear
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

A Struggle 'Twixt Love And Fear

Poem By Hugh Cobb

Too oft in time
it seems a crime
to open up one's heart.
Comes into play
that which we fear,
from which we run away:
the fear that love will soon depart
& all abandon'd shall we be:
alone forevermore, drowning in a sea
of pain, remorse & self-pity.

So heed me well! Listen here.
Love comes not with a guarantee.
My friend, 'tis gamble all or none!
But if your fears do keep you safe,
you'll miss out on all the joy & fun
that risk & love alone can bring.
So take a chance!
Don't be a waif.
Let your heart dance
& spirit sing.
Love now, love more today!

(Copyright 11/27/2005)

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Comments (3)

'Let your heart dance and spirit sing' - what wonderful, freeing sentiments! Love your work. Scarlett
yesss! a good poem. another way of saying what i tried to say in 'travelling at 44'. u.
Wonderful advice - you have to take a chance on love. There are no sure things. Nice work, Hugh. Warmest regards and respect, CJ