The Old Pair

Poem By Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

A student life is a golden life, truly it is told.
The student who has a golden crown of his study.
Would be a great man in his life with a great hold.
Otherwise an idle student becomes a wild rowdy.

Every student should use his time in a proper way.
If he kills his time, surely time itself always kills him.
such student repents in life every moment of a day.
A studen must think that his time is a golden rim.

To be a engineer, a lawyer or a politician.
Time makes him all for all to become more of thing.
Golden time of a golden life even makes a muscian.
One who neglects this period of life becomes nothing.

This period has a great charm to make also a magician.
A life is in the hands of a student to make him something.

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Add a this poem is verry benifit to me....
Wow👍👍👍 i must learn more and more....thats why i study hard then i commit my dreams someday, , like my neighbor they are celebrating a thanksgiving this day because their son pass on a course exam, , i hope, wish, and promise that someday, , my parents will proud me too

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