AT (12/24 / Spfld, Ma)

A Subtle Blaze

War can break your bones
But women
Can break your hearts
Would you rather me tell
Of serpents than love
Those sitting opposite you
A new face every few blinks
Of your long lashes
Seem just as fortunate
As the bed that cradles you
Gently like their arms
Were it me
You’d feel the tremble
Of my heart
Set off by so little
Like your presence
To others I am wisdom
To you I seem folly
I am never as I expect to be
Because of you
But I would endure it
Being broken-hearted and foolish
Because of love
For you
Greater than any battle
Any campaign
More heart breaking than death
A war
A serpent
In my heat
A subtle blaze
For you

by Alejandro Torres

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You have a very powerful ending.