A Success Story

He does know the feeling of financial stress
As one of the people of no fixed address
In prison for narcotic usage he knows of homelessness
For him a long hard road back to happiness

In his early twenties his future seemed black
But somehow or some way he did make it back
To a better life from the brink of despair
Yet you never hear him say life can be unfair

He may never be the wealthiest man in the town
But nowadays he is not financially down
With a home to live in two lovely young daughters and a beautiful wife
He is one who has made a success of life

Of stories like his one does not often read
It is by good example in life he does lead
His parents in jail for drug trafficking he was homeless at fourteen
Of the hard side of life he has known of and seen

Despite disadvantage he refused for to fail
Like many like him he may have died in jail
He was one of those born not meant to win
But the will to do better only comes from within

Compassionate and caring in his own kind way
One who does work hard for his every pay
A life success story of him one can say
In his mid thirties in his brown hair some strands of gray.

by Francis Duggan

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