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A Sudden Change Of Heart
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A Sudden Change Of Heart

Poem By josephine javier

as you look at me this way
i am happy as i portray
you'll never know what's inside me
you'll never know what's killing me

i tried to smile, i tried to laugh
in every single day of my life
to cover up those loneliness
i questioned why you love me less?

you used to love me so deeply
when i'm with you no need to worry
now i felt like you've thrown me a dart
why a sudden change of heart

i wish you explain, to me one day
why are we gonna end up this way
you seemed very insensitive
what's going on? , why you wanna leave

our fruits of love are my inspirations
they give me strenght, and my directions
i wanna keep us as a whole
please let me heal my heart is pure

you are my heart my love and all
when you leave, you'll take my soul
so one thing that you should remember
i will never get over you forever

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