*** Song 7 - Pain In My Heart

Is this destiny? That something is missing in me
Ever since you've left me all alone....
It know we can’t meet, But don't know why there is
A pain in my heart ever since you're gone....

I know this is true
But, it's hard to stay away from you
I hate this loneliness
Still I feel so happy for you...

Then why there is pain in my heart
Ever since you you’re gone....
Why this loneliness surrounds
Why I feel so ALONE... Hmm Hmmm

A pain in my heart...hmmm hmmmmm

I understand what you said
That this is not correct
Trust me, I wanna make this
A relationship so perfect…

But still there is pain in my heart… hmm hmm Ho hoo
And I know even for you it was hard...

A pain in my heart... hmm hmmm

Now I see you happy, so much happy I feel
This friendship is true... this is all so real
Wish you get... what you really wanna in life
But there is pain deep inside coz I cant make u my wife...

This is destiny... something is missing in me
Ever since you have left me all alone...
Really wanna be with you, in my next life maybe
Coz this pain hurts so much ever since you’re gone

I will kill this pain, I will make you smile
I promise you, I will walk with you.... EVERY MILE...

Even if you don't need me... I'll be there for you
Now I know you... But I know myself tooo...

I will kill this pain, for the sake of your smile
I promise you, will walk with you every mile...

I will kill this pain... Hmm Hmmm
The pain in my heart... hmm hmmm

Pain in my... Heart....

by Rohit Sharma

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Self assigned spiritual Guru's claim.......many beautiful things shined in this poem as rays. Marvellous work.