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A Suicidal Teen
RW (03/18/89 / Chicago, IL)

A Suicidal Teen

I'm the one sitting in the back of the class
You didn't no my name you never even asked
No one knew how I felt
They just didn't understand
I was invisible to you and all your friends
I wasn't like use, so I didn't fit in
I wish I had someone to talk to even a hello would do
But you never even bothered
I just wasn't cool
You didn't even no we went to the sam school
We had all the same classes, so ther was no excuse
When you heard the school announcement of my death
'A suicidal teen' and saw it on the news
All you thought about was now there's more room for you
After all you didn't even no who I am
And all I longed was just one friend

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Comments (3)

My heart goes out to teens and adults that think about suicide. Your poem well written.
I am 16, and just reading your poem 'suicidal teen' made me see myself in it. Been invisible to all as I sit in class alone been noticed by no one not even the teacher. It is an amazing and strong poem, you have great talent in what you do.
Sadly I know there are many kids that feel as you've described. I have a daughter your age and I think it's wonderful that you've put such thoughtful words down. Sincerely, Mary