Why Didnt You Tell Me?

Memories flashing in my head
From now till
The moment we both said
Sadly how i wish those times were here
Back then seem to be when
You used to reaLLY CARE

Alone with my heart
sadden thoughts in the dark
No help
No one to shine the light
No one even to help me
Through the night

I could use a smile thats bright
To warm my heart
And not sit it on ice
And this ice,
Its cold
Thats why this pain
Is too hard to hold
Thats why when
I come home
Theres no love
Its just cold

What i wanted was simple
I just need you to be honest
And play your role
Why did someone else
Have to tell your story
I had the front seat
Believe you me
There was no glory

by Jaycee Wilkerson

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Sweet secrets, or beside its breathless sleep That loveliest dreams perpetual watch did keep.