A Summer Night's Adventure

Poem By Rocky vyas

Hello my dear
Lets get reacquainted once more
This time we should do something different
Why don’t we go on an adventure?
Here take my hand
Lets sail across the ocean to a land
To the edge of the world
Lets find a new paradise

Look to the horizon
The beautiful gem glistening
Spreading colors of majestic
The Sleepy sun admires us from afar
Look at the sun as it falls asleep
Do you see that
Marvelous isn’t it
Look as the blanket of stars covers its head
The end of our sun
Is the entrance of the sister moon
Now she is our host for tonight

At last we have reached our paradise
How about a race to the highest point
Don’t fall behind me
Be weary of the maze of trees
They will steer you from our destination
Just follow your heart
I will be at the end

Ah my dear, at last we are here
The highest peak of paradise
Gaze upon the moonlight
As it illuminates the land around us
Wait, do you hear that
Thump thump thump,
Crick thump, crick thump
Crick crick crick hoot
Those sounds approaches us
What could they be?

Oh look above
Our moon is directing the sounds
Its nature’s orchestra
Singing us its midnight songs
The crickets crick
As the owls hoot
Turtles thump with them
And more and more animals join
Our moon conducting the nocturnal symphony
Here take my hand as a proposal for a dance
After all the music is a gift from the night
Lets waltz among the fireflies
Look at them, aren’t they amazing
candlelights dancing peacefully
Beautiful mosaic lights light up around us

Lets dance until the moon retires
As we twist and turn
Close and further
And repeat over and over

Slowly the sounds of the opera calm down to a halt
Our musicians rise and along with the conductor
Bows before us
My dears clap your hands for the performance
Our moon bids adieu
Musicians retire with him

I bet your tired my dear
But sleep isn’t on our agenda yet
I have one more treasure to show you
Close your eyes
Keep them shut and don’t peek

Do you feel that warm sensation?
Creeping on your cheeks
Wait for it just a couple more seconds
And…. wait for it and…. now
Now open your eyes
Such a beautiful morning star
The warmth embraces us
Now good mourning my dear
It stretchs its arms to us
We must return the love back

Our meeting is finally at its end
You must be tired after tonight
Our adventure begins here
Next time we will go beyond the stars
To the depths of the universe

Until than
go to sleep my dear
Dream of another time like this
Lets hope the end of our adventure
Might be the beginning of a new one

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