A Summer Of Love

Poem By Isabella Epona

A summer
A summer of love
Which we both fell into
Into the trap
Then one night
We had a fight
Not one of the usual
The one where we would forget all about
This one was real
We said things we didn’t mean
When you went to say goodbye
But I was gone
Gone away
Far away from you
I waited from sunrise to sunset
With tears of pain
An ocean every night to drown me in a deep sleep
Why didn’t you write
Why didn’t you call
They told me no to
That you’d understand
That if you wanted to talk you would write
I waited year after year
Even after the war
The love isn’t over now but just begun
I saw your picture
And finally the letters
As I read them I came back to you
I ran back into your arms
Just like old times
Just like the memories
On the wedding day as I walk down the carpet
My dad in one arm
A bouquet in another
I see you smile
You see my tears
The tears of love
The tears of joy
The tears of waiting no more

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