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A Summer's Day In South West Victoria

The morning was cool and windless in that old Victorian town
And the rain came down in drizzles as we drove from Camperdown
The paddocks dry from the long dry spell and looking bare and brown
And in the first week of February Mother Nature wore her russet gown.

The creeks had all but dried up and the river trickled slow
And in miles of sun parched paddocks the grass needs more rain to grow
This is a dry old Country and the Summer's been so dry
And despite the mid morning drizzle there's not much rain in the sky.

It was drizzling only slightly as we drove out of Camperdown
But the sun was out and shining driving into Terang Town
And the farmers in bare paddocks to their cattle feeding hay
And for South Western Victoria looks like another warm day.

The morning calm and drizzly and for February it seemed cool
But the sun was brightly shining driving into Warrnambool
And the silver gulls were mewing in the parks beside the sea
In the sunshine of Victoria on a day in February.

by Francis Duggan

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