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A Summer's Day In Wonthaggi

A bright and sunny Summer's morning and clear and blue the sky
And white, brown and spotted butterflies around the garden fly
And the nearby hills of Archies Creek now wear their Summer brown
All in the prime of Summer in old Wonthaggi Town.

The magpie he is piping in the parkland nearby
A thing of natural beauty is always a thing of joy
And sparrows in the backyards keep chirping all day long
Though classified as songbirds they do not have a song.

In January in Wonthaggi the Town is a busy place
And holiday makers in their cars drive up and down searching for a parking space
In caravan parks in Inverloch, KIlcunda and Cape Paterson with their friends and family
They spend a few weeks of relaxation and enjoy the sun and sea.

A summer's day in Wonthaggi with a gentle cooling breeze
In what one might call perfect temperatures around 24 degrees
Tomorrow will be a humid thirty five the weather forecaster say
So let's enjoy the coolness of a near to perfect day.

by Francis Duggan

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