Wonders Of World

Wonders of world

We have suffered most
Mental torture at enormous cost
Bombing from over head
And ground remains red with blood

How many of us were taken hostages?
Trained to become dreaded terrorists
Given training to become suicide bombers
To make target on innocent passers

Why were we chosen as conveyor?
Death merchant and mercenaries on prayers
What is their aim to turn world as red?
Let the curse befall when they are dead

How many of us are rescued?
Hell has turned enough of heat
We are rescued in large numbers
Now we shall move as free messengers

We have witnessed living hell
To whom are we going to tell?
Who will heal our broken mental power?
We still don't cry and see the wonders of world

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (6)

Amazing work Pete. You have such a talent for these evocotive pieces - I swear I could feel the rain on my skin as i read it. Hugs Anna xxx
What a well-depicted performance of a wonderful cast on an ancient stage. Amazing descriptive powers. Susie xxx.
Wow, what a delicious write Peter, a beautifully expressed piece and such a pleasure to read, I was right there in this wonderful explanation. Superb! So brilliantly described, each 'actor' taking his rightful part. Love Ernestine XXX
This is a lovely picture, Peter. I like it....and I think it would be a good companion piece with my poem Summer Symphony. Do check it out. You and I are seeing some of the same things this summer, it seems. Raynette
Quite a pleasant view you have provided my friend - I have seen it many times. Thank you, Stephen
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