A Sunday Prayer 02

Oh Lord, as I look around,
at our green and wonderful world,
that you bequeathed to us.
Help us in our endeavours,
to make it stay that way.
Help us turn the tide of greed,
which wants to destroy what we have.
Help us nurture this green and fertile land,
so that we cannot only live here,
but all of your other creatures too,
from the largest to the smallest,
we all need guidance
from your sacred hands,
so that our planet,
stays a green and fertile land.


by David Harris

Comments (5)

I felt that one... Thankyou David, , very enjoyable write, so much more to it than first meets the eye Love duncan X
A great sunday prayer david...10
You are so right David, but there needs to be a awful lot of praying to counteract the damage already done. Nice write. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Lovely prayer David and well said. We have a need to control and maintain the natural areas of our world. In SA large areas are being developed for golfing estates, they even control acess to the sea and sand. To much wanted by so few. Keep wrting David. Bob
I have not a religious bone in my body but I SO take the point of this. Shame the government isn't going to read it, eh? t x