A Sunday Prayer 03

My dear Lord not so long ago, a matter of months to be exact, you sent me someone I barely knew. You used them as one of your angels to pick me up and help me in many ways. You wanted me to enjoy the talent again that you gave me, but I had neglected for so long. You also knew that my faith was also in decline. Therefore, in your wisdom you sent more angels to help me.

Now my precious Lord I want you to look after them the way you did me. I want you stretch out your hands. Smother them with your love and joy. Help them with their wounds some of them feel will never heal. I know the task is large and it covers this world of ours. Oh, Lord I need your help. Each day I try to do the best that I can. There are many souls in torment, which only you can reach. Please Lord, listen to my prayer today. Send your thousands of angels, like you sent them to me. I will do my best to help. Whenever I can, but for those I cannot help oh Lord. They need your helping hand.


by David Harris

Comments (4)

There are many Angels around a man, you, who is so sincere and caring. Since you've done the praying here I know we'll all be safe and given help when we think we're about to fall off that 'cliff.'~~marci.xo. :) ~~
Your sincerity comes through, David, and so I was able to touch my heart as I read.
A Generous Sunday prayer David... Amen my friend
A wonderful prayer that I know God will hear. Thanks for thinking of others. A perfect Sunday message. Marilyn