A Sunday Prayer 04

Dear Lord as usual, my prayer is not for me.
You have answered so many of mine in my life.
You gave me the love of my wonderful wife,
and more friend than any man could wish for.
My prayer if for all those less fortunate than me.
Will you grant them the kind of happiness that you granted me?
Give them all the happiness to offset
any sadness that may have blighted their lives.
Touch them with your heavenly fingers
and ease all the ills that they feel.
I know this is a lot to ask for,
but as I am your servant,
I will help you in anyway that I can.
Just please help them who are suffering,
as their lives are in your hands.
In the name of your son Jesus.

(19 August 2007)

by David Harris

Comments (5)

A wonderful prayer David, love it.--Melvina--
Strange how I should stumble across this one, considering I have just written a poem about a prayer for the less fortunate, you are a caring guy David Long life and happiness to you Love duncan X
I hope he listens to your prayer David..
Ahhh beautiful David....If God doesn't listen to a heart and soul like yours, well then, we're all in big trouble. Your kindness of heart overflows in here...so nice to see a man speak lovingly of his wife.......~~~marci.xo.~~
Well-said David, I'm sure the sentiments in your prayer are what many of us wish for those who are in need, God Bless you, Lynda xx