A Sunny Evening In Early December

A sunny evening in early December and a freshening coastal breeze
Is gently soughing in the bushes and the branches of the trees
And the air full of the buzzing of flies and nectar gathering bees
In the balmy southern Summer close to twenty five degrees
How marvelous to be living on such a pleasant day
The wild-born birds are singing in the green park by the bay
The flute like warbling of the magpies birds who sing all through the year
And the melodious songs of the blackbirds always a joy to hear
With such pleasant weather hard for one to complain
Though brown patches in the un-watered gardens tell us we could do with rain
It has rained little in three months and El Nino is about
Sucking the ground of moisture the one who creates drought
Yet on this nice day in December a pleasant coastal breeze
Has the green leaves dancing on the branches of the trees.

by Francis Duggan

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