A Sunny Morning In Late Winter

A sunny saturday morning in August so good to be alive
A nice day for one with a car to go on a rural drive
In late Winter in coastal Victoria parks and paddocks look so green
And there is natural beauty in abundance to be seen
Saturday morning in Victoria in the big coastal town
Along the streets and avenues cars and trucks pass up and down
People to and from the shopping centres going on a bright and breezy day
The sun shines in the clear blue sky with just a few clouds of gray
Yesterday was overcast and showery and weatherwise quite drear
The weather changes quickly at this time of the year
The familiar pee wee call of the pee wee bird also known as magpie lark
Can be heard in the sunshine in the quiet suburban park
A sunny morning in late Winter of around 16 degrees
And the chirpings and songs of the songbirds are carrying in the freshening breeze.

by Francis Duggan

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