A Sunrise

By the hill top, lying on a dark stretch,
i saw her, the blue canavas showed me her,
she's that rancorous mistress,
choking, and choking you with hands so delicate,
her time's dying
her body still in submission, a relic of this sanctuary
you let her,
a night's detour taken over by a love for her act
you lay there, bare,
that moment is a piece of you, always was,
you feel a drowning, now its all around,
no breath passes, nothing stops you,
but why waste the silence when its eternal here,
she will have to leave, changes hues, its beautiful
a present, an anxious trifle,
some god watches her withering prayer,
she almost wants me there,
something will tear me from the continuum, make me stay,
in this, where she tears me away,
the calm wastes you, now a still hits...
a warmth wakes you, she's not there
you spot the sun, sneaking up all this time,
pretending a false calm, before he burns my love away,
the trance, not the bodied breath of may

by the bluemarine

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