To everyone who loves me in the old way,
As the Judge did Andy Hardy, or like Rock and Doris Day:

If I, by virtue of the power
Vested in me, appear a tower
Of strength, I pray forgive
The illusion.
But if you believe in Energy
And yet you see more light in me than you
Then you still live
In confusion.

All that the body can know is the body.
Turning away is a way to samadhi.
All you can see is your own cells firing.
All that is heavy is your own muscles tiring.
All that is warm is your own glands perspiring.
All that is life is the body's inspiring.

All you can see in me is in you,
The light and the love and acceptance too.
Lacking insight what can one see
In Martian canals or the rings of Saturn
Or the personal stochastic neural pattern?

Concentrate on seeing, meditate on being.
Om shantih.

by Fruchtbeine sonn

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