BA (06/25/1940 / North Carolina)

A Surprise No More

As newly weds, you learn to share,
Surprises and things you never surmise,
As husband and wife you have to bear,
Those things meant with love, and to surprise,

As was the case, with my dear spouse,
As she fell asleep and began to talk,
A surprise for me, she was planning ahead,
But as she slept, she began to talk, instead,

A surprise for me, that she had made,
A cake for my birthday, a surprise to be,
In her sleep she struggled with each layer laid,
In hopes for them to stay, for me to see,

She lay on her back, with her arms raised high,
And talked to each layer as she put them in place,
With a short little squeal, and an “Oh Know’ with a sigh,
She reveled her surprise, right to my face.

A surprise no more, to me at least,
But I kept her surprise, until after I’d ate,
I enjoyed that cake, it was a feast,
The least I could do, after all, she is my mate.

by B.J. Ayers

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