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A Surprise Visit

At four o’clock she knocked at the door
I’d never seen a goddess before.
She wore a dress of shimmering light
Around her waist a cord drawn tight.

Upon her head a crescent moon
(Not quite the thing for the afternoon)
And strangest yet a pair of horns
Such as you’d see on elves and fauns.

Her eyes below that rounded brow
Reminded me of a Jersey cow.
Those features soft and feminine
Demanded that I let her in.

She’d come to us with a tale of woe
Her car had stalled and would not go.
She had a meeting with Thoth and Isis
And other immortals, but now this crisis!

She’d lent her mobile to Father Ra
So was not able to phone the AA.
Her eyes began to fill with tears
As she recounted all her fears.

I calmed her down with a cup of tea
And let her use the phone for free—
Not much I know, I would’ve done more
For not everyone gets to help Hathor.

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Comments (5)

Absolutely delightful. I love the way your pulled us in from the mundane to the mythical world with the greatest of ease.
I agree with Raynette Eitel. So good, such a whimsical poem. I always love the titles you give your poems.
Great description of Hathor, Peter. This is so funny and whimsical. Thanks for sharing. Raynette
I don't understand this one Peter. Who or what is Hathor? Pardon my ignorance.
This had me in fits of laughter...I'm sorry, but your poetry just hits the right spot with me! !