A Sweet Good Morning To My Sweet Love

Poem By Michael P. McParland

A sweet good morning to you my sweet love
and I so very wish you could be here this morning with me.
A day that I could just use and would
love you to be here to keep me company
in your tender loving arms with words
and snuggles to reassure.
I love you sweet Kira and a bright good morning
to you with these millions of kisses and hugs
I give to you from my heart and soul.

A sweet good morning to you and feel my arms
around you as I'm pulling you in to
hold you close for a while on these early morning hours.
I'm pulling you in close and taking your hand
to fill us both with comfort and peace,
to share a tight hug which is so often needed out of the blue.
Feel me there by your side as I hold you
so close and so very tight to get a warm start
as this day is now getting ready to swing into full.
I smile for you and say Kira my dear
I'm lost without you and wish you were here
to help keep me company through this day.

A very sweet good morning to you my true love
and close your beautiful eyes and know
I'm with you truly all of the time,
see my big loving smile as I send it your way
and remember the tenderness in my face and my eyes.
I am with you sweet dear and I am here
when you decide that you may need me.
I'm here for you always my precious gem and beauty.
May the sun shine upon you and may you
have the most wonderful day with those that you love
and I'll be here thinking of you and writing when I can.
Good morning sweet Kira I love you so very much.

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