A Sweet Kiss

When I daydream
What do I see
You, waiting for me

You ask me how I feel
With you it feels real
We sit and talk
and on the beach we walk

You compliment me
As we watch the deep blue sea
I look at your eyes
and you start to watch mines
I move close to your face
Too see how a kiss taste

by tierra fisher

Comments (6)

This was short but yet very vivid and the feelings in this poem, always bring up that special someone people have, or want i loved this poem.
very beautifuly written...
real gud. keep them coming
I have a real vivid image of walking on tha beach 70 miles from where I live n North Cali as I read this poem.U make it feel so deep. Loved it Tierra, keep soothing me with u'r words. Peace and love Hippy Sav
i love it tierra love it hey i got some new poems check em out
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