(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

A Sweet Lonely Horse

You should have seen him standing
In the midst of a snow-field scene
Shivering slightly as he stood
For the winter was extra mean.

A dilapidated old house
Was down the road a ways
Sad just like the lonely horse
In a cold and snowy haze.

I walked along the fence
And the horse lifted his head
Curious, I know he was
With nothing at all to dread.

I clicked my tongue at him
And he came slowly to the fence
Taking his time in the frigid air
Adding a bit of suspense.

My mittened hand I held out to him
As this handsome guy came close
He nuzzled it with his frosty nose
He needed a friend I suppose.

We spent half an hour or so
It was nice for us both, of course
I'll always remember that chilly day
When I visited a sweet lonely horse!

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Thank you, everyone, it won't let me duplicate a reply!
A sweet lovely poem by Marilyn Lott! Congratulations on Poem of the Day!
Marilyn, I love this! I think it's one of your very best. Well-deserved as poem of the day. Congratulations!
i notice marilyn hasn't posted a poem in ph for nearly eleven years. as to this one, i like how it flows easily and regularly and is rhymed skillfully. snow-field scene, dilapidated house, and mittened hand are all phrases that show facility with language and fit in meter and tone the rest of the poem. lastly, i like the lack of pretense and accessibility of it. -gk
I love horses.My first love when I was a kid..Wonderful poem that brought back a child hood memory... a ten..
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