A Sweet Power

Poem By Mary Wismer

When we would convince men of any error by
the strength of truth, let us additionally pour
the sweet balm of love upon their heads. Truth
and love are two of the most powerful things
in the world; and when they both go together,
they cannot easily be withstood. The golden
beams of truth, and the silken cords of love,
twisted together, will draw men on with a
sweet power, whether they will or not.

Let us take heed we do not sometimes call that
'zeal for God and His gospel' which is nothing else
but our own tempestuous and stormy passion.
True zeal is a sweet, heavenly, and gentle flame,
which makes us active for God-but always within
the sphere of love. It never calls for fire from heaven
to consume those who differ a little from us. It
strives to save the soul-but hurts not the body.
True zeal is a loving thing, and makes us always
active to edification, and not to destruction.


'Speaking the truth in love.' Ephes.4: 15

15. January 2008

Comments about A Sweet Power

This is a nice write, Mary..A sweet and powerful write indeed..with a strong message! thanks for this..I like it.. Love, Meggie
the sphere of love. It never calls for fire from heaven..................a subper piece like it too much, that courses with thought divine, as i offer 10+, thanks for sharing

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