SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

A Sweet Summer Song

As purple blossoms glisten in the rain,
the birds chirp their sweet summer song.
Lingering scents of lilac delights my senses,
so I close my eyes and ponder thoughts of you.
I hear the hum of racing cars speeding to unknown places.
Loud vehicles hauntingly surreal yet far off in a distance.
As I lean back in the lounge submerging myself
into natures enchanting chirps,
the light misty drizzle lands on my exposed skin,
each tiny dropp fills me with endless hope!
A new season has begun with blue skies and happiness;
the heavens open up and shine on me!
While the world goes by I dream of you!
I know you’re the one for me....
I feel so blessed that you have been waiting for me too!

(June 9th 2005)

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Nicely done, this is really pretty, it makes me get all tingly Keep writing :)
I was beginning to think that summer didn't happen here in Canada, but today is absolutely gorgeous! This poem is beautiful!
I agree with both of my poet friends here and as I said previously, you are a special poet, a poetic artist at work. Fabulous Shelley--Melvina--
Shelly, this is a lovely poem with a flow that just carries you along as you read. You have a sharp eye for detail that makes the imagery stand out. Great write my friend. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David.
very pretty imagery appealing to the intellect