Though I'm moving
There isn't a thought in my head
Am I living
Or am I dead
I'm always walking
Never talking
I'm just a corpse
I'm just another zombie.

by Kevin Fisher

Comments (4)

“A Table Lamp on the Corner Table” is a poem of great substance! I like both the poem as well as the photo of the gifted poet and lovable personality with a great background!
Lovely..lovely...the way the table lamp is used to enlighten the soul of the lonely poet is extraordinarily beautiful ...and the last line is very touching...kudos
I am sure on day you will be recognized as a great poet.
saaf suthra safed pajama kurta chapal pehne hue achi khasi hajamat kiey huey achi khasi sehat main muskrate hue kis chataan, kis dariya ke pass aap bethe hue hain bhai Akhtar Jawad? Happy New Year to you!