A Table Lamp On The Corner Table

Nothing on his left,
nothing on his right,
nothing is behind,
nothing is ahead,
well he's not on the floor,
if not on the roof,
it's a lovely bed,
with an electric lamp on the corner table
within the reach of a lonely poet
and it's giving him a reason to live.
When it's too dark,
just lying on the bed
a restless man,
ignored and isolated,
switches on his only close friend
he can kiss and touch
and get light of beautiful words
written by his distant friends
from all over the world.
Wishes and greetings
on the marvelous days,
posts on various websites
encouraging him to live,
inspiring him to write.
He feels as if all his friends
are with him in the lonely room.
Thanks to the table lamp
it's you who made visible
dear unseen friends.
he is no more alone,
many times a day
he switches on it,
sees his friends,
and sees a rainbow,
and when it rains,
he becomes a little naughty!
When he notices a friend is absent,
he regrets his naught,
he switches off the table lamp.
With tears in his eyes he decides
he will not switch on it anymore!
But he is helpless in love of a table lamp
a source of light he needs
to enlighten his soul.
In a moment when frustration starts killing him,
he sees a post from his absent friend,
he becomes a naughty poet once again,
he is inspired to write another naughty poem,
and then smiles once again on his naught!
He is at all not greedy to be recognized as a poet
for him it's enough that he won friends from all over the world
and his poems will not die with him
it will remain in the hearts of so many websites.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (4)

“A Table Lamp on the Corner Table” is a poem of great substance! I like both the poem as well as the photo of the gifted poet and lovable personality with a great background!
Lovely..lovely...the way the table lamp is used to enlighten the soul of the lonely poet is extraordinarily beautiful ...and the last line is very touching...kudos
I am sure on day you will be recognized as a great poet.
saaf suthra safed pajama kurta chapal pehne hue achi khasi hajamat kiey huey achi khasi sehat main muskrate hue kis chataan, kis dariya ke pass aap bethe hue hain bhai Akhtar Jawad? Happy New Year to you!