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A Tale From A Union Soldier
JF (10/10/69 / Louisville, Kentucky)

A Tale From A Union Soldier

Poem By Jeff Fleischer

I was a Union soldier.
The battles were long, bloody and tiring.
I often had streaks of blood
All over my uniform.
At times I would feel down.
Really down and depressed,
Full of despair and gloom.
But one time, this family took me in
When I was wounded at Gettysburg.
They pretty much saved my life.
They saved me from dying on the road.
Their little boy would look in
On me with his big bright blue eyes.
He always shared his iced tea with me.
I would watch him rock back and forth
On his wooden horse,
Amazed at how the years had gone by
Since my own childhood.
I went back to visit the family
After the war.
I was saddened to find out
That the little boy had died.
Scarlet fever just up and got him.
A lump formed in my throat,
My heart felt like it had been crushed.
I just cried and cried.
I felt I could almost drown
In all those tears.
Every time I drink some cool iced tea
I remember that little boy.

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Comments (6)

Very sad but poignant poem.
That is a good poem.
I am not very fond of free base writing and after I read this poem I must say that I truly enjoyed it. The flow was poetically and the rhythem beauttiful. I really enjoy this poem and look forward to reading more.
it is a very touchy poem. some things in life we just cannot erase from our memory.
great story. but, so sad! my prayers are with you and that family.