A Tale Of A Fairy And An Angel

Few days ago at midnight
I was lying on my bed
But I could sleep no longer
As if someone hit my head.

The moon was shining bright in the sky
And peeping through my window.
When I looked at the sky
I saw a nice fairy dancing like a roe.

I was fascinated by her magical beauty.
She was singing a melody so sweetly.
It was telling her sad love story
Which touched my heart so badly.

She was a lovelorn fairy
Whose heart was filled with holy love.
Listening to her sweet melody
I flew there on my wings like a dove.

She was so thirsty for sacred love.
She said- somebody broke her holy earth.
So she needed a sweet angel
Who would caress her tender heart.

I said 'May I be your sweetheart?
I will never hurt you my dear.
I will cure your broken heart
With my love's magical power.'

Then I was made her sweet angel
And she became happy with my affinity.
Now nobody can hurt our hearts
As we soar in the sky of love and beauty.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.
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by Dipankar Sadhukhan

Comments (8)

dreamy description nice...10+++
I was captivated by this poem. Great vivid imagery. A magical innocence. A profound lesson in love. And the beauty of writing excellent poetry. Always a special treat reading your poetry, Dipankar!
A beautiful fairy tale. Loved it.
This poem tells a fantastic tale.10
Thank you so much dear poet Mr. Robert Murray Smith for your kind comments..
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