AJ (07/06/98 / Lagos state)

A Tale Of My Tail

I give all
To one who owns all:
My Joy and
Hope, Strife and pain,
all do i
loan to him to
bear them on his wing,
Soaring through
the claws of the cloud,
Barging through,
Hailing the wind by
her name: que
que, que que
que que que
He says, magneting
to himself
the voice of
the wailing cloud,
Making it
Ooze sweat as
If scolded by the sun.
the path of
the firmament.
Treading the
path of the dark
Vague maiden sitting
Opposite the vast
On his way,
He meets the persian
Prince whom at
His word flee
like a bewitched
leopard. Nothing
stays him for
his word rinse the
dirt staining the
mood of the orb.
Bearing farther,
He met himself
laying my complaint
before himself.
Then a package
given in return,
Adding on
Bringing it
Closer and closer,
To sooth my
matter, heal my wound,
Bless my heart,
Cream my skin,
Take my case,
Make me praise,
Mending my sole,
Prune my grapes,
Feed my eyes,
Bless my life
Returning is he,
Nothing to hold
him Back. The
are now in
The atmosphere
blows strange, all
air dressed range.
Success Shuddering
Towards my path.
Joy returning with
the climate:
The couple flowing,
Glowing, taking
with themselves
all that can serve
me right. The
Joy hastening
towards me,
waves around her,
weighing her out
of Balance.
Almost to the margin,
To set her feet
she staggers,
Almost to fall,
I: Mouth agape.
Will my Joy be stayed? :
Hatred behind her,
Striving to have
her pulled down,
Like a weak wall.
Almost falling
Is he, crawling now.
Hatred: almost catched
up. But woah!
A greater wave,
Stubborn than the
former, crippled the
former, had her
own a wheel chair.
And now whuuuh!
Crossed the margin,
Yea my Joy,
Bore by my king.
Welcomed home.
18: 01: 15: 14: 56

by Adeyemi Joshua

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