The Philosopher [lao Tzu]

“Those who speak know nothing;
Those who know are silent.”
These words, as I am told,
Were spoken by Lao Tzu.
If we are to believe that Lao Ttzu
Was himself one who knew,
How comes it that he wrote a book
Of five thousand words?

by Po Chu-I

Comments (7)

You fools This poem sucks epically
I shudder to think of the circumstances the poor mariner went through. This is a tale of dread and anguish to keep one spell bound. Rhymes are the one that add charm to it.
To start a tale is easy but difficult to finish, ............. just this poem, ..... well done
This is how to tell a story- -it held me spellbound from beginning to end. The ability to keep a rhythm was amazing given the story and end rhymes that never were forced or unnatural but kept the flow of the tale going. A masterpiece of writing. Course the topic was a mite bit unsettling...
Cannibalistic poems are not to my taste. Neither is meat of any type.
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