A Tale Of The Sea

A pathetic tale of the sea I will unfold,
Enough to make one's blood run cold;
Concerning four fishermen cast adrift in a dory.
As I've been told I'll relate the story.

by William Topaz McGonagall Click to read full poem

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Based on a true story - Colin was my fourth cousin.
You fools This poem sucks epically
I shudder to think of the circumstances the poor mariner went through. This is a tale of dread and anguish to keep one spell bound. Rhymes are the one that add charm to it.
To start a tale is easy but difficult to finish, ............. just this poem, ..... well done
This is how to tell a story- -it held me spellbound from beginning to end. The ability to keep a rhythm was amazing given the story and end rhymes that never were forced or unnatural but kept the flow of the tale going. A masterpiece of writing. Course the topic was a mite bit unsettling...
Cannibalistic poems are not to my taste. Neither is meat of any type.
Such a great excellent write by William Topaz McGonagall👍👍👍
A Tale Of The Sea - Poem by William Topaz McGonagall.) **What a tale; a bone-chilling poem, masterfully crafted. And, from stanza to stanza, a cliff hanger till the end.