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Baby John

He was such a tiny little man
Held in his mothers arms
Just starting life’s huge journey
Developing some early charms

The world so wide with wonder
So much there was to see
A family that gathered ‘round
Loving him so tremendously

The country was the perfect place
For the baby to discover and grow
Animals to tend and pet
And he learned to love them so

A sister and a brother too
Were amidst his world as well
He was close to his grand parents
More to catch him when he fell

Each and every experience
Added to his changing life
Eventually getting married
And adding some kids and wife

But looking back at pictures now
It’s hard to realize how strong
This man would become over time
Starting out as Baby John!

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Comments (4)

Another deftly presented piece Charles. You do bring them to life.
A point in ones life when they repress the stressors, stop worrying about the outcomes to their behavior, and live for the moment...finding their 'flow' to happiness.Great detailed discription of characters!
Another of your wonderful character pieces, Charles, I love reading them they are so fantastic, worth all of the time spent savouring them. Love Ernestine XXX
You have the ability to bring a little slice of life, to life. Rusty