A Tale Of Two Cultures

At first, they couldn't understand
The way the others dressed,
With one flamboyant and one bland,
So neither was impressed...
And words were awkward for a time,
Hard to explain as well,
As if no reason and no rhyme,
So truths were hard to tell...

The art and music said a lot,
Contrasting thoughts and themes,
So many questions asking what
When all's not as it seems...
And while they both had solid laws,
The judgements weren't the same,
Two cultures with good points and flaws
To fill with pride or shame...

Yet, on the whole, both chose to care
About the young and old,
With faithful saints who knelt in prayer
Who seemed as good as gold...
So, all in all, they got along,
Some even fell in love,
Two cultures joined, in Christ made strong,
In fact, more than enough...

Denis Martindale March 2017.

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