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A Tale Of Two Sisters (6th May 2005)
SCS (17th August 1988 / Solihull)

A Tale Of Two Sisters (6th May 2005)

Poem By Sarah Capella Smith

Thank you for the car you gave me,
Although I couldn’t drive at three.
But I did look at this for an opportunity
For a love of the addition to the family.
I didn’t know how my life would be.
Looking at the photographs of we;
Hugging, smiling, laughing happily.
A blissful state of being full of glee.
Unaware of what it means to be free.
Concentrating only on creating history.

It’s amazing how we’ve stayed the same
And in some cases have had to change.
We’ve been there for each other when in pain.
Walking, talking, taking our place in the game.
This solid house were we have grown to maintain
To keep our hearts beating in an attempt to gain
A trust, a friendship, a challenge of which refrain
Of approval should not be a part of the main.
Playing in the sunshine, shivering in the rain.
We’re taking a trip down our own memory lane.

May this be the start of the beginning, I say.
Lets make up and enjoy every living day.
I cannot imagine a life without that ray
Of light which keeps my youth alive, may
Our relationship never be out on the pay.
We cannot put a price on which should stay
The ‘giver’ or the ‘hoper’, it’s only those astray
Who will never know much we value this way
Of living together, in a paradise where nothing frays.
I hope we, my sister and me, feel right together; I pray.

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