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A Tale Of Two Smokers

Flash, the Ash and Smoky Joe were two Pawn Brokers
they also were two heavy smokers.Now Joe he owned a
shop in Thetford and Flash owned one in Deptford.When
they got together you could not hear a mutter, because all
they did was cough and splutter.Now Flash was so called
because of his attitude, at times he could be down right rude.
With a cigar in his mouth and a packet in his pocket, the smoke
in that shop was like a blast from a rocket.
If you were held in a queue when you had something to pawn, that's
because Flash had been up all night, coughing till dawn.
Then in the shop he would cough all day, keeping his customers
well at bay.The queue sometimes were about a mile long and the
smell of smoke was just as strong. One day The Pawn Shop
caught fire, now poor old Flash is deep in mire.
As for Joe his partner and friend well he was with him, right to
the end. He suffered with his lungs and was told to stop smoking
but he said to the doctors 'you must be joking!
He did not listen to what they had to say and poor old Joe
was going the same way. He had lots of therapy,
and matters looked bleak; then his heart gave up and he
was dead within a week.
Smoky Joe and Flash the Ash, in life made plenty of cash,
but their lifes were short lived through smoking 'TRASH!

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A wonderfully fun story with a very important message! Great job! I could smell the smoke from here! Sincerely, Mary
This is utterly superb... though I speak as an unrepentant smoker!
You write wonderful story poems. This one is especially timely. I hope that your wise advice is heeded. Love from your sister in spirit, Sandra
This is a good piece of advice to any smoker, inculding my-self, to stop smoking, Love Duncan
Hi Sylvia, this is a great story, and you have told it so well I can imagine these two characters. Wonderful. As before though a few spellings for you. 'all they done was cough' I feel should be 'all they did was cough' - 'somthing to pawn' /'something to pawn' - 'wthn a week' /'within a week' - 'there lives were short'/'their lives were short'. I shall apply to be your spellchecker OK Ha! What's the salary? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? No but if it helps you then I'm only too glad to help. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
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